LG has developed ultra-thin speakers for cars

by admin, Thursday, 24 November 2022 (6 months ago)
LG has developed ultra-thin speakers for cars

A South Korean company has introduced innovative panels that may be used as speakers. the tiny thickness can permit you to put in them nearly any place within the automotive.

The panel was named skinny mechanism Sound answer. the size of the device square measure fifteen × nine cm. Its thickness is a pair of.5 mm, which is 10 times but the common speakers, and its weight is forty g, which is regarded as thrice the same old counterparts. These dimensions can permit you to put in panels with a sound card within the ceiling, armrests, dashboards, and different places wherever typical speakers can’t be placed.
Sound generation can occur through vibrations. LG claims that the technology can provide the device the power to vibrate from totally different materials within the cabin ANd thereby give an expensive 3D sound with an immersive result. the corporate additionally aforesaid in an exceedingly statement that the tiny size of the panels can save the usable house, and this while not sacrificing sound quality.

Interestingly, this technology isn’t new – it’s already employed in TVs, however to date the matter has been restricted. LG plans to start production of panels within the first 1/2 next year. that automotive models can receive the panels initially remains unknown.

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