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JazzCash APK Download Latest Version Free | (2022 Updated)9.0.26
JazzCash APK Download Latest Version Free | (2022 Updated)9.0.26

JazzCash APK Download Latest Version Free | (2022 Updated)9.0.26

INTRODUCTIONIslamabad 23 May 2018. JazzCash, one of the top mobile financial services players in Pakistan, has announced an entirely new Mobile App and introduced Online Banking for its customers and

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JazzCash APK Download Latest Version Free | (2022 Updated)9.0.26 is the most famous version in the JazzCash APK Download Latest Version Free | (2022 Updated)9.0.26 series of publisher Jazz Pakistan - Official
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Islamabad 23 May 2018. JazzCash, one of the top mobile financial services players in Pakistan, has announced an entirely new Mobile App and introduced Online Banking for its customers and customers.

The Mobile App interface has been updated based on the global best practices in mobile banking. This includes introducing new features to offer a seamless interface for customers.

The brand new Mobile App allows customers of any mobile network to sign up for a Mobile Account and use all the services like Pay Bills, Send Money and Mobile Load Pay, payments, request money Invite Friends, and QuickPay QR payments. The app also lets customers control their mobile account and debit card, securing it by using their four-digit MPIN and Face ID, or Touch ID, on any compatible device. Customers can also locate a nearby JazzCash Agent through a GPS guide map and keep up-to-date with the latest offers and promotions.

In addition to the newly launched App, JazzCash has also announced the launch of a whole Online Banking experience for Mobile Account customers. JazzCash is the first bank that is branchless to provide such a service to customers. The simple service lets customers instantly check their latest transactions and initiate any transactions on one screen. This Online Banking is secured by beneficiary management that allows customers to safely and securely complete their financial transactions. Existing JazzCash Mobile Account customers can access Online Banking by visiting https://JazzCash.Online.

The launch was announced by Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Jazz’s Chief Digital & Financial Services Officer at Jazz and JazzCash, stated, “The new Mobile App and Online Banking is targeted at providing a more enjoyable experience for JazzCash customers who have mobile Account customers. This is a major moment to further increase the usage of JazzCash’s mobile account.”

The updated version JazzCash App is now available for Android users on the Play Store; in addition to, it will soon be available for iOS users on the App Store and also on App Store.

The features of JazzCash application:

  • You can open a JazzCash account using your Jazz mobile number.
  • This app can transfer money into your account using the debit card you use.
  • It is easy to pay online for any item you buy.
  • It lets you purchase any bus ticket on the internet.
  • Pay bills at any retail store or mall using a QR code.
  • You can pay for your school/college/university, gas, and electricity fees with this app.
  • Transfer money, send money, settle bills and mobile loads, and many other payments quickly.
  • You can request cash for family members or a family member using this application.
  • With this application and without MPIN, you can protect your account using your face and touch ID.
  • It also functions as an earning application. Invite your friends to join and earn money with this application.
  • Many bugs are fixed when an alternative to the Jazz Cash app APK’s old version.
  • Simple, easy, and user-friendly.
  • And many more features.

How do you utilize the JazzCash application?

Installing this application to use it on an Android phone is easy!

  1. The first step is to first download JazzCash APK’s latest version from our website as well as from the Google Play Store.
  2. You must now connect your device to the internet.
  3. After installing, open it.
  4. Enter the mobile account number, then press Next.
  5. If you’ve clicked”Next,” this app provides an OTP code to your mobile phone and then scans the code.
  6. After you have successfully scanned OTP After scanning OTP, you are now able to utilize all the features of this app on your mobile by entering your name and MPIN and taking advantage of it.

And finally, in the final section, as a blogger, I suggest you utilize this software for business requirements or anything else. It’s free of charge for the balance transfer, and it has a lot of options. What are you still waiting for? Get your JazzCash APK file from the above link and enjoy the most convenient mobile banking service in Pakistan.


Updated On: May 1st, 2019


Jazz Direct Carrier Payment offered by Mobilink Jazz allows Jazz customers to purchase anything from the Google Play Store. Shopping with Jazz billing in the Play Store is simple and enjoyable. Jazz customers can now buy games and apps or make purchases in-app from the Google Play store using their balance on their mobile phones or even postpaid Balance.


What is Google Play Direct Carrier Billing

How to buy an App

How to set up a Jazz Billing Account

Jazz Billing Information

How do I request reimbursement by Google Play

  1. What is Google Play Direct Carrier Billing Service:

Mobilink Jazz subscribers can now purchase apps on the Google Play Store, and the cost of buying games, Games, or other mobile apps will be deducted from the current balances of Jazz Prepaid subscribers. The cost of purchasing apps and other content on mobile will be added automatically to the monthly invoice for Postpaid Jazz Customers.

In a press release from a few days ago in a press release, the Mr. Kazim Mujtaba, Director of Marketing at Jazz, said: Jazz stated:

“We constantly strive to provide our customers with the most recent digital offerings. Direct carrier billing offers an efficient and secure way to pay purchases through Google Play.”

Latest: Create JazzCash FREE Mobile Account & enjoy exciting incentives/offers in 2018

Follow these easy steps to buy any App from the Google Play Store through Jazz Direct Carrier Billing:

In the first place, ensure that you have your WiFiis is turned off.

Verify that you have activated your Cellular Data is active

Choose the purchase (Any App on the Play Store that you would like to purchase or use to make In-App purchases)

Then click ” Use Jazz Balance” to select it as your payment method.

Install the Jazz bill account by entering your details like Name, Postal Address, ZIP Code, city, phone number, etc. And then click the the save button.

In the next step, click on the buy button

You will be prompted by an email text message, ” Payment Successful.”

This will allow you to quickly gain access to your entertainment options on Google Play with Jazz Balance

Google Play DCB – Direct Carrier Billing Video Review

  1. How to Set up Jazz Billing / DCB (Direct Carrier Billing Account) Manually on Google Play Store (Step-By-Step) Guide:

This step-by-step guide will show you how to configure Direct Carrier billing on the Google Play Store:

Go to Google Play Store

Click on the Menu Icon located at the top left right-hand corner of your screen. Choose ” Account

Choose ” Use Jazz Balance” as the payment method.

Go to the App or game that you wish to purchase, and press the button with charges(Price) indicated

Click the ” Buy” button, and that’s it!

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  1. Jazz Billing Information:

Here is a list of devices that support DCB-supported devices to find out whether your Android device supports Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play.

Here’s a list of Apps and Games that you can buy through Google Play:


Items and products in-game

Subscriptions that grant access to games, music, or video


Customers can claim a refund through Google Play if they buy an incorrect app. The customer has 2 hours from the date when they install the app to send back the application purchased from Google Play for a full refund. Users can return an app only once if they decide to rebuy the same application and cannot replace it again. Purchases made through Google Play using direct carrier billing will be charged directly to the mobile bill account.

  1. How to Refund a Purchase From Google Play (If you mistakenly bought the wrong app):

If you want to return your app, follow these steps:

Install the Google Play Store application on your mobile

Select the Menutop left corner) then My Apps

Choose the app for which you’d prefer to cancel (If the refund time of 2 hours hasn’t been completed, the app is suitable to be returned and will display two buttons that read “Open” or Refund)

Tap the Refundbutton. The Refund button now displays “Uninstall”.. Hit Uninstallto take the app off your computer and begin the refund.

When the two-hour period for return has ended, the option to refund is no longer accessible. Clicking the Uninstall button now will delete the application from your phone.

Terms and Conditions

Charges for call setup of Rs. 0.17 are in effect. Each call will be charged at Rs. 0.05 per call.

  • Offers can be canceled during special occasions at the Company’s discretion, e.g., Eids, Special Holiday, etc
  • Customers who reach the minimum balance of their accounts will be provided with free On-net minutes and SMS.
  • Free bundles will be delivered to your phone number the day after you’ve maintained the required balance, which will remain valid until midnight the next day. For instance, a customer who kept a balance of Rs.3,000 on April 1st will be given 100 On-net minutes and SMS on April 3rd.
  • The status of a free bundle can be verified by dialing *117*88*2#.
  • The SMS and minutes are not transferable.
  • The customer will not receive the bonus if he’s not completed any transaction within the last 30 days. After keeping a balance for longer than 30 days, customers will no longer receive free SMS and Minutes; they will be eligible for this incentive by making an account transaction, and after completing the transaction, they will begin receiving the free Mins and SMS once more after one day.
  • This offer is only available for prepaid customers.
  • Mobile Account Balance This offer is a limited-time offer.
  • Customers signed up to Bachat Account, or JazzCash Beema are not eligible for this promotion.
  • These SMS and Minutes are free. Are not valid between 6 PM and 9 PM.

RAAST – Pakistan’s First Instant Payment System

RAAST is Pakistan’s first instant payment system that allows seamless digital payments between companies and individuals throughout the country. It provides an improved experience for onboarding customers who have their RAAST ID made by connecting their mobile number to their bank account. It will allow customers to make an instant and the seamless transfer of funds to other bank accounts via the RAAST.

Instant Transfer of Funds

You can instantly get funds from different bank accounts with no delay via RAAST. Transferring funds to various bank accounts using mobile numbers with RAAST provides the same seamless experience.

No Transaction Fee:

An affordable digital payment solution that does not charge transaction fees to customers.

Vast Network:

Digital payments are made available to customers from any bank throughout the country.

Reliable and Secure:

RAAST will offer more secure payment options and ensure that every transaction is authorized by the payee, and provide enhanced protection of data and fraud detection.

How do I sign up for the RAAST service?

JazzCash Application

Now, you can quickly sign up with RAAST using the JazzCash application by following the simple steps to register with your RAAST ID.

  • Step 1. Log in to the JazzCash application.
  • Step 2. Choose”My Account,” which is located under the “My Account” option on the homepage
  • Step 3. Choose”RAAST ID Management “RAAST ID Management” option in the account menu
  • 4 Steps: Check your mobile number as well as your IBAN, then click the “Create RAAST ID” icon “Create RAAST ID” icon
  • 5. You will receive your RAAST identification will be registered successfully

JazzCash USD

You can also sign up with RAAST using *786# or by following the simple steps to register your RAST ID.

  • Step 1. Dial *786# code on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2. Choose”My Account” from the menu. (6) “My Account” option from the JazzCash services menu
  • Step 3. Choose”RAST ID Management” Step 3: Select the (5) “RAAST ID Management” option in my account menu
  • 4. Click Option (1) “Create your RAAST ID” option to sign up for your RAST ID.
  • Phase 5: Examine your phone number as well as your bank number, then select the option to send
  • Sixth Step: You will receive your RAAST identification and will be successfully registered

How do I transfer funds to the RAAST?

JazzCash Application

You can now transfer money to different IBAN or RAAST IDs using the JazzCash application by following these steps

  • Step 1. Log in to the JazzCash application.
  • Step 2. Click on the “Send Money” “Send Money” option and click on the “RAAST” Icon
  • Step 3. Input either a RAAST ID IBAN to transfer funds through RAAST.
  • Step 4 Fill in the number of money to be transferred
  • Phase 5: Choose the reason for the payment to fund transfer
  • Step 6 Add the number for the beneficiary, which will be notified via an SMS with information about the funds’ transfer.
  • 7. Examine your details for the transaction and then select the “Confirm “Confirm” option
  • Step 8: Enter your 4-digit MPIN
  • Step 9: Transfer of funds is completed successfully

JazzCash USD

You can now transfer funds to different RaAST IDs or IBAN numbers by dialing *786# following these steps.

  • Step 1. Dial *786# number on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2. Choose one of the (1) “Send Money” options from the JazzCash services menu
  • Step 3. Choose”Electronic Money Transfer” step 3. (4) “Via RAAST” option to transfer money via the RAAST
  • 4. Pick either one of the ID’s RAAST or IBANs to transfer money to
  • Phase 5: Input the total amount of money to be transferred
  • Step 6 Choose the reason for the money transfer.
  • 7th Step: Input the mobile phone number of your recipient, which will be notified via an SMS message regarding the transfer of funds.
  • Step 8: Review your transactional details and then select the “Confirm” option “Confirm” option.
  • Step 9: Enter your 4-digit MPIN
  • Stage 10: The transfer of money has been completed successfully


How do I deposit funds into my mobile Account?

You can make use of 60,000 JazzCash agents throughout Pakistan. Enter ‘M’ in the search bar and then call 2179 to find the closest retailer in your area. Cash deposits can be made via any one of our representatives.

What do I need to do to get proof of the daily reward?

SMS messages will be sent to those customers who qualify to inform them of the daily postings.

What happens if I wish to create a MusicCash Mobile Account?

JazzCash Mobile account can be activated on any mobile network number:

  • Biometrically verified Jazz and Warid customers can self-register their mobile accounts by dialing 786#.
  • Other customers of the network can sign up for their Mobile Account using biometric verification at your local JazzCash Agents, Jazz Franchise or Experience Center.

What transactions do I have to complete to receive the incentive for Minutes/SMS?

You must have completed one of the following activities in the last 30 days; in addition, you must maintain the minimum balance to be eligible for the incentive. The acceptable Mobile Account transactions include:

  • Cash Deposit

  • Send Money

    • Send Money to JazzCash Mobile Account
    • Send Money to Other Operator Mobile Account
    • Send Money to CNIC
    • Send Money to Any Bank Account
  • Bill Payment

    • Electricity Bill Payment
    • Gas Bill Payment
    • Water Bill Payment
    • Telephone Bill Payment
    • Internet Bill Payment
  • Prepaid Load Purchase

    • Jazz Load
    • Other Operator Prepaid Load
  • Postpaid Bill Payment
  • Donations
  • Cash withdrawal from the agent
  • Cash withdrawals from ATM

What happens if I’m still holding the minimum amount but haven’t conducted an online Account transaction in the past thirty days?

You’ll qualify for the incentive after you’ve completed any of the Mobile mentioned above Account transactions, provided that you meet the minimum required balance. If, for instance, an account holder has completed only one Jazz Load operation on April 5th and has a total account balance of Rs.1000 on the 19th of April, the customer will receive free minutes and text messages on the 21st of April as long as he’s been active over the last 30 days.

Q1. What is Google Play Direct Carrier Billing?

If you are you are a Jazz Mobile subscriber, you’re now able to purchase applications from Google Play and charge them to your balance on your mobile or postpaid balance. This service is available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. For prepaid subscribers, please make sure that you have enough funds on your Jazz SIM because the purchase you make in the Google Play store will be debited from your Jazz balance.

Q2. How do I install Google Play?

The Google Play store app comes pre-installed on Android devices with Android OS version 2.2 (Froyo) and up. It is possible to open and search for it by opening the Google Play Store app from the app launcher of your device.

Q3. What are the Android Devices that support Carrier Billing for Google Play?

You can open and search for the Google Play store by opening the Google Play store app from the app launcher of your device. A list of supporting devices can be found at https://support.google.com/googleplay

Q4. Are there any daily, monthly, or per transaction limits for purchasing an app(s) through Google Play?

Yes, there is a restriction. You can spend as much as 10,000 rupees. 10,000 (Prepaid users) and the Subscriber’s Credit limit for Postpaid (Postpaid users) during any month.

Q5. What are the different kinds of apps I could buy on Google Play using carrier billing?

Only virtual or digital items can be qualified to receive Carrier Billing on Google Play. Examples of digital products include:


Goods and items in-game

Subscriptions to grant access to games, music, or video


Q6. Can I purchase the app on Google Play via Wi-Fi?

In the initial setup of the Jazz billing payment method for the purchase of apps from Google Play via carrier billing, the user must be connected to Jazz’s 3G/4G network to allow us to authenticate you. After authentication is completed, you can download the app using a Wi-Fi connection or the Jazz 3G/4G network. Be aware that following the set-up process to enable Jazz for carrier billing is going to signify the user to use the Google Play direct carrier billing service.

Q7. If I change from Jazz to another provider, can I pay using Carrier billing?

If you change and switch carriers, you will have to repeat the procedure of creating carrier billing as an option to pay to make a Google Play app purchase. If the service you switch to does not have activated carrier billing, you’ll be unable to make carrier billing the payment method available on Google Play.

Q8. How do I stop paying for the Jazz bill to the carrier?

To stop charging through the carrier billing method, you can eliminate the Jazz payment method for carrier billing in the following manner:

Google Play Store from your device. Google Play Store from your device

Tap the three-line Menu button in the upper left corner

Pay with your account, then select Payment Methods > Other payment settings

Tap “Remove” mentioned under Jazz in Payment methods.

Q9. I accidentally bought an app I do not like. What can I do to get a reimbursement via Google Play?

Customers have two hours from the date of downloading to return the application purchased through Google Play for a full refund. The customer can only return an app one time; however, if they later rebuy the same application but they cannot return it for a second time. Purchases on Google Play using direct carrier billing will be charged straight to the mobile account.

Q10. What is the procedure to return an app from Google Play Store within the 2-hour return period?

From your device

Open using the Google Play Store app on your device

Select the Menu (top right corner) > Apps I’m using

Choose the app that you’d prefer to return (If the refund window of two hours hasn’t been completed, the app is still suitable for return and will feature two buttons with the words Refund or Open)

Click on the button to refund. The Refund button will be able to say Uninstall. Click Uninstall to uninstall the app from your device and start the refund.

When the 2-hour period for returns has ended, The Refund option is not accessible. The opportunity to uninstall from this stage will eliminate the application on your system.

Q11. How do I get a refund on Google Play after the refund button is gone?

Google doesn’t offer refunds for the majority of Google Play purchases. There are some exceptions. If the investment doesn’t meet your expectations, isn’t as you expected, doesn’t perform as expected, or you’re not interested in purchasing it again, You can:

Support from the developer of the app. Most apps available on the Play Store are made by third-party developers and not owned by Google. Developers should be able to ensure that their apps are supported and function properly for you. It is recommended to contact the app’s developer If:

There is a concern you have about an application.

You purchased an in-app item, but it didn’t arrive or doesn’t work as you were hoping for.

You’re looking for a refund, but it’s more than a week from when you purchased it. Developers can assist you with issues related to buying and will process refunds according to its policies and laws applicable to.

Request a refund via your Google Play website. If it’s been less than 48 hours since you purchased an app or an in-app purchase, you may request a refund on Google Play. If you bought books, music, movies, or any other type of content, you might be eligible to receive an exchange after 48 hours. This is the fastest method to determine whether Google will issue an opportunity to receive a refund. You’ll typically get a reply in under 15 mins.

Use a browser for web browsing (like Chrome or Safari) on your tablet, computer, or mobile.

Copy https://play.google.com/store/account and paste it into the address bar of the web browser.

It is best to do this in an internet browser and not using use the Google Play Store app. You cannot request a refund through your Google Play Store app.

Click on “Order History” and find the order you’d like to cancel. On the left side of your order, click More Menu.

Select Report a problem.

Select the option that best describes your circumstance, then fills out the form and indicate you’d like to receive a refund.

There will be an email that says, “thank you for sharing your concerns.” Then an email will be sent regarding the refund.

Q12. I’m a subscriber to a subscription. What can I do to cancel or alter the subscription I have on Google Play?

Subscribers to Google Play renew automatically unless you opt-out. If you don’t wish for the subscription to your music streaming, magazine video streaming, or any other application to be restored, you can end the subscription via Google Play. You may also change the payment method used to pay for memberships or subscriptions.

Start Google Play Store from your device. Google Play Store from your device.

Tap the Menu button (top left corner) Accounts and Subscriptions.

Choose the subscription you wish to end.

Tap Cancel.

Important: Disabling an app won’t automatically end your subscription. You have to cancel your subscription to stop your subscription. If you decide to uninstall the application without canceling your subscription, you’ll continue being charged. If an app you’ve bought an account for is removed from Google Play, your future subscription will automatically be canceled. However, previous subscriptions won’t be returned.

Q13. If I buy an app but accidentally delete it off my phone, and then try to download or purchase it again, am I charged a third time?

If you are using that identical Google ID that you used to download the app in the first place, You will not be charged for downloading the app (even in the event of switching devices).

Q14. If I’ve bought an app through Google Play Store, can I transfer the SIM card to another device and use the app without having to purchase and pay for it all over again? What is the maximum number of devices I can do this with?

The app’s purchases are linked directly to your Google Account and can be installed for an unlimited number of instances on every device. For example, when you delete “My Favorite Game” to reduce memory usage, you can install it again at a later time with free access to My Apps. You can also install applications downloaded by visiting play.google.com by visiting within the My Android Apps section. If you are asked to buy an app that you previously purchased from Google Play on a current or previously owned device, it may be using an alternative Google account from the one you used when you made the purchase. Since the app is linked to another Google account, you’re being billed to rebuy it. In addition, if you’re lacking specific applications (free or premium) and they’re associated with an unrelated Google account. You can regain access to these applications simply by changing the version you’re using through Google Play.

Q15. Who can I reach should I have a concern regarding something I bought with Google Carrier Billing?

Contact the developer to whom you purchased the app if you have questions about the application you downloaded or about problems related to the app you downloaded. The contact alternatives (an email address, number. or a website) of the developer in the section for developers in the application you’ve downloaded.

Q16. Can I buy apps that aren’t in PKR through carrier billing?

All apps and in-app purchases made through carrier billing should be purchased in the PKR.


The JazzCash APK is one of the most convenient bank wallet app which you can use to pay bills, buy tickets, purchase mobile load, send and receive money in whole Pakistan. It comes with various types of discounts on restaurants, cinemas, sports, outdoors, shopping etc. You can create Jazzcash on any mobile sim. Either it is telenor, warid, jazz or ufone. So, don’t wait more. Get it now and enjoy its prestigious features.


Download (58.08 MBmb)

You are now ready to download JazzCash APK Download Latest Version Free | (2022 Updated)9.0.26 for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
4.2/5 - (21 votes)

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