how to post a short on youtube pc mod apk

by admin, Monday, 13 February 2023 (4 months ago)
how to post a short on youtube pc mod apk

YouTube has introduced Shorts as a strategy to rival Instagram Reels and TikTok. Since introducing the new feature, Shorts have been a prominent element of the YouTube community, employed by creators frequently.

For a better idea of how well-known YouTube Shorts are, it is believed that Shorts get watched by 1.5 billion people every month.

In this post, we will provide the exact steps to follow so you can upload YouTube Shorts on both your phone and computer.

What are YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts are videos of short duration which creators can publish to their channels on YouTube. These shorts, also known as clips, are shorter than 60 seconds long and are created with a mobile phone’s camera.

You could imagine Shorts as being the equivalent of Instagram Reels, with similar features and editing capabilities for videos. They include:

  • Background tracks or music that could add to the Shorts
  • Diverse filters and effects like various filters and products like multiple filters and effects like mirror images, fisheye lenses, etc.
  • A green screen that displays an image behind you instead of the actual background
  • A feature to flip the camera so that users can change between the front and back camera
  • an auto-recorder for self-recording with a tripod
  • the capability to alter or increase the speed of recording

Shorts can also be used similar to how you’d utilize Instagram Reels or Stories to keep your followers updated on your brand or business.

Shorts can provide small snippets of information and key topics from your long-form YouTube videos. You can also use Shorts to create completely different and distinctive content.

Requirements for Uploading YouTube Shorts

Before we can discuss the process of uploading YouTube Shorts, We’ve first had to determine the prerequisites to upload Shorts on YouTube.

The first point is that YouTube Shorts are open to any creator. Contrary to Community posts, creators can publish and upload Shorts without requiring a minimum number of subscribers.

Here are the guidelines for uploading YouTube shorts:

  • The orientation of the video must be vertical.
  • Dimensions of video or aspect ratios must be 9:16 or greater.
  • Video length should be between 15 and 60 seconds.
  • YouTube Shorts descriptions and titles must include #Shorts.

How to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC

Uploading YouTube videos from your computer or other desktop devices is an easy process. Because YouTube Shorts can only be captured by using the camera of your phone, however, you aren’t in a position to create Shorts with the camera on your PC.

Ultimately, it is possible to upload recorded clips on your personal computer.

These are the steps to follow when uploading YouTube shorts to your computer:

Step 1: Login and Select Your Video

The first step in uploading YouTube shorts from your computer is to sign into the YouTube account. Click on the Create camera icon at the top right-hand corner, and then click the Upload button.

Then, you’ll be presented with a dialog box in which you can upload your videos to YouTube Shorts. YouTube platform. Click the SELECT FILES button and select the video file you’d like to upload to YouTube Shorts on your computer.

Make sure you select the right files to meet the requirements of the short that we discussed above.

Step 2: Fill in the Video Details

The next step of the process is filling in the specifics of the video. In the first place, enter an additional string of text #Shorts in the title and the description field within the Details section.

Choose one of the thumbnails from the generated images or upload your custom thumbnail directly from your computer.

Like uploading regular videos to YouTube, You also have to specify if the content in Shorts is suitable for kids to view. This can be done by clicking one of the radio options in the audience area of the uploader for videos.

Complete optional fields like subtitles, tags, languages, and more. You depend on your preference.

Step 3: Create the YouTube shorts video

The final step before uploading the YouTube Shorts video is to upload the video either as an unlisted, private, or public video. If you hope to grow and expand your YouTube channel’s following and followers, you’ll want to mark it as public.

There is also the option of arranging a time and date on which you’d like your shorts for publication.

Then, you can make the YouTube Short from your PC by clicking the publish button.

It’s fine to use a computer to post YouTube Shorts. However, YouTube designed the Shorts feature with mobile phones in the back of their minds.

This is why it’s important to know what you can do to share YouTube shorts via your smartphone.


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