Awaken: Chaos Era V1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy)
Awaken: Chaos Era V1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy)

Awaken: Chaos Era V1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy)

IntroductionThe game awakens: the chaos age takes players to the world of danger and shadows, and a sense of the thrill of dread is enough to make them dive into endless action-packed scenes. The best

Android Android 5.0Role Playing
50000+ ( 498 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Awaken: Chaos Era v1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy)
Publisher Century Games Publishing.
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.3mb
Version v1.3.90
Update 1 Day Ago
Awaken: Chaos Era v1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy) is the most famous version in the Awaken: Chaos Era v1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy) series of publisher Century Games Publishing.
Mod Version v1.3.90
Total installs 1M+
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The game awakens: the chaos age takes players to the world of danger and shadows, and a sense of the thrill of dread is enough to make them dive into endless action-packed scenes. The best features of the gameplay give you a thrilling experience, full of fun and imaginative enough to take on the beasts and enemies of the real world. Nothing in the work can make you weak in any way, as the most powerful features of the gameplay will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Excellent game options to play and explore everywhere, such as scouring the maps, marking and exploring the dungeons, and taking treasures and looting them to rule the other players. The game will transport you into a new realm full of challenges that can drive you insane and an unforgiving disaster waiting to be discovered. You’ll be enticed by the game by the game only if you have an impressive team and friends with you.

Awaken: Chaos Era mod Awaken: Chaos Era Mod apk is a thrilling game played on a turn basis. You improve and enhance the players you play with to be more powerful enough to handle challenges and fights, dangerous games against dangerous foes you encounter throughout the game, and the super-bosses of diverse Dungeons. The game is accessible for both android and iOS devices. The natural prowess and the skilled aspect of each hero’s unique abilities help them conquer challenges. As you exercise control over your team and make yourself a hero by summoning the creatures and heroes you encounter in the environment and training the heroes to fight to win glory, you’ll be in charge of controlling the team. A selection of game types like player vs player, combat between player and environment, as well as deadly warfare, challenging goals, thrilling boss battles, and the capacity to modify the power of players as also summon and upgrade heroes to unleash the best of their abilities. Utilize the best destructive power elements to perform incredible feats against your adversaries.

Awaken; chaos era mod apk

awaken the chaos era mod app offers players unparalleled action sequences and situations that encourage players to take a more active part in the game and to enjoy the scary and enjoyable experience to a greater degree that leaves players looking for more. It is a game that has legendary gameplay and a variety of scenarios that will allow you to be immersed in endless battles with top players available to join in. This latest version of the game offers players better capabilities, accessibility, and tools and tools to be better equipped to handle the intense battles with super bosses and action waiting for them. Unlimited money to use in unlocking powerful characters and summoning them. Strengthening and increasing their strength and skills and making them more proficient at utilizing their unique capabilities. Experience the epic Adventure as you explore new destinations and experience the peaceful Adventure. Discover a world of thrilling adventures, mighty heroes, and excitement from fighting for pride. Get access to premium game modes along with gorgeous accessories you can obtain for free and participate in premium levels of play.

How do you install

Follow the steps:

First, you must remove Awaken Chaos Era’s original version in case you installed it.

Download Awaken Chaos Era MOD APK from our website.

After downloading and installing, you will need to find the apk file and install it.

You need to activate “Unknown sources” to install applications that aren’t available in Play Store.

After that, you can access and play Awaken Chaos Era MOD APK.

Is Awaken: Chaos Era Mod Safe?

The Awakening

 Chaos Era Mod is 100% secure as the application was tested through the Anti-Malware platform, and no viruses were detected. The antivirus platform comprises AOL Active Virus Shield and avast! AVG, Clam AntiVirus, and more. Our anti-malware engine filters applications and categorizes them based on our criteria. Thus, it’s 100% secure to download and install Awaken: Chaos Era Mod APK from our website.


awaken the chaos era mod application allows you to play with the finest accessories and parts, which will enable you to be immersed in a world of thrills. The game takes you to a new age of action thanks to its high-end customizable options, well-known guns, and other equipment.

Summon powerful creatures

You’ll need four warriors or fighting creatures to participate in combats. Therefore, go to the woods, the ocean or in the land and seek out the powerful fighters of your kingdom. You are training them, learning to use their abilities, and taking on your foes with close-quarter combat.

Take down the Destructive Monsters

The frightening monsters have destroyed your country and destroyed its peace. Now, you must fight and defeat these monsters using your strength and fighting skills.

Online PVP Fighting Mode

It’s a fascinating option for gamers of any game since this is where you can compete against real players. Real opponents are difficult to beat, but the fun of this mode is highly greater than offline AI players.

Retell The Story

If you want to play offline, you must battle against the game’s AI and, in addition, you’ll discover the secrets of the game’s story. Get ready for an epic adventure in this game.

Turn-Based Combat

The game is played in 4vs4 matches where the battles will be turn-based. This means you must attack each turn of your opponent. Therefore, you must devise the most effective strategy to use your turn more efficiently.

Understanding the Currencies

The Awakening: Chaos Era has many different currencies it considers when performing other game tasks. Players must become familiar with foreign currencies and how they operate in-game to make their progress more effective and faster. You’ll be introduced to three coins if you’re a brand-new player. The game is based on the central narrative of the game.





is the principal currency used to play the game? The majority of PvE content needs energy for play and finishing. Power is earned by passively consuming 1 point every five minutes. Players can gain more control with their daily free refresh of 120 at no cost, taking advantage of Meal Coupons, which will replenish 50 energy for every ticket, or 50 Diamonds to replenish 120 energy immediately. Other options to get power are completing quests, obtaining the free 20 energy pack from Daily packs, playing in the Arena, or winning fights.

Diamond is the most expensive currency for summoning heroes and buying energy refreshes. Diamonds are earned through events and trials, Arena, rewards for developers through the mail, and daily/weekly quests. The players can use these resources to summon the latest banners or replenish energy. We highly recommend using it for calling to obtain new units due to Stamina being replenished by Meal Tickets. Also, Diamonds become scarce as you progress and complete this main Adventure.

Gold is the currency players will use almost everywhere and in large amounts at all game stages. This is the one that is the most plentiful and readily available to the players when they advance throughout the play. Players use it to upgrade their equipment, improve their units or skills, and almost anything else connected to improving their team. Players can earn Gold through quests, events and different game types. We suggest investing in Gold carefully and focusing on a particular group of units you are thinking of instead of constantly upgrading each hero.

Understanding the UI

The Awakening: Chaos Era has a gorgeous UI in which most of the game’s content and modes are included with different areas such as Unit, Summoning, Altar, etc. The players can switch between them since they are linked.

Players can see all menu shortcuts when they click the “Star” like button at the top right of the screen. It will display an option drop-down menu that includes every sub-menu and its icons marked. Players can advance throughout the storyline by selecting”Adventure” or the “Adventure” option. Let’s take a look at some options included in the UI and the menus available to ease the experience of novice players.

Heroes Tab

This tab, called the Hero’s Tab, is the one that allows players to see their units in-game. On the menu below, users can look at all heroes they summoned or acquired during playing and various options for empowering them. The players can filter and view out according to their units’ rarities, elements and levels.


Players can also select their units to enhance their capabilities as well. Enhancing involves:

levelling up






The Leveling-Up

The goal is to increase the level of your unit with the help of EXP Jelly. EXP Jelly can be obtained through gameplay while you progress through various game zones. The primary source of EXP Jelly usually comes found in its Adventure mode. Be aware that when you level up, it will take less EXP Jelly in the beginning but dramatically higher when Heroes are at an upper level. Please don’t use the entire EXP Jelly on the chosen hero; instead, create the team in a group and then level them according. The Star level can level each hero. For instance, heroes that have a star level of 2 can be dropped to 20.


is the mechanism that allows players to increase the level of their heroes and improve their base stats by raising their star level. Promoting Heroes requires players to have their heroes at the highest amount of their star level and the number of fodder materials needed. By fodder material, we refer to heroes of the same level as them or pumpkins with similar star levels. For instance, when players wish to increase their Hydressia from 2-Stars to 3-Star, they must be level 20 with 2 two-star pumpkins or 2 of heroes with 2 stars. The fodder heroes have to be at the same level and don’t need to be upgraded. This is why it’s a gritty feature, but it improves the overall performance of your characters.


is the method by which your heroes will gain enhanced base stats and improved passive abilities at specific levels of Ascension. It’s only a matter of time. It can take quite a bit of time because Ascension is a process that requires multiple copies of the character to be utilized, and when they are used, the duplicate will disappear forever and can’t be found. Ascending rare low units such as Elites and Epics is more accessible than climbing the more rare branches such as Legendaries.


They are similar to the runes found and are identical to the runes in other gacha games in similar genres. Players can collect Glyphs that come in various levels of rarity. Once they’ve enough, they can activate them to grant your heroes extra stats. Glyphs come in different groups, starting at level 1 with the lowest and level 5 with the highest. Each class has an additional amount of Glyphs to be activated and requires Gold to increase their level. The distinction between a one-level Glyph hero and a Level 5 Glyph hero is massive since they offer a wide array of stats for free, so it is recommended that players utilize their energy to harvest glyphs during the middle of the game for their characters when playing in Adventure to increase their strength.

Download Awaken: Chaos Era on PC


The equipment system is the one we find in similar turn-based gacha games. Every hero has 6 slots where their gear can be embedded: Head, Weapon Chest, Feet, Neck, and Hands. The players can collect various rarity items from the gear dungeons of the Arcane Dungeon or in the story mode of Adventure. Each piece of gear will have different substats as well as main stats, based on their rarity as well as their size. Equipment is available in other sets, and equipping gear from the exact location grants the character a bonus advantage in stats.

The capabilities

The heroes’ heroes can be improved and upgraded by using different essential currencies, known as Crystals of the heroes, which can be upgraded and enhanced using the elemental foreign currencies called Crystals Obsidians. They can be found and harvested by players within the No Man’s Land dungeon. They can be found in various types and can be farmable, which is great for players because they can quickly increase the abilities of their favourite characters.

Action-packed gameplay that pushes players beyond their limits

It’s challenging and filled to the max with action-packed gameplay, providing numerous ways to satisfy players’ desire to fight. In this part, you’ll get the chance to create your team of heroes and enhance their stats to increase their strength and take part in combat to earn cash. Engage in brutal battles with strong and deadly weapons that will improve your skills and help you be better prepared to fight your enemies.

PVP and PvE matches are deadly.

The players of the awakening chaos era mod apk can access more advanced ideas challenging enough to deal with combat and conflicts. The thrill of an unforgettable adventure, which captivates you with action scenes, is possible for you to experience in this game. The players are immersed in sexy scenes from the top down when they participate in PVP and PVE games of staggering quality and high-end abilities. The challenge of fighting against monsters in real life is a different experience from playing or playing other game modes.

Battles in real-time against other players, and the dungeon was a crawling feature.

You’ll be able to take on dungeons easily by taking on their bosses and exploring new areas and locations while searching for treasure and getting it. Real-time opponents are tough to defeat, and to defeat them; you need to perform the proper abilities and summon heroes and characters that are found at various places. Play around with the endless variety of heroes Make sure you be successful in completing your assignments.


you can play the exciting game of PVP, and PVE matches in awaken: chaos era mod apk after downloading it. A range of game modes to pick from as you battle many terrifying monsters and beasts found worldwide. Explore new dungeons and locations before taking control of the creatures and taking their treasures. Have fun here, with fantastic players and the option to personalize to create the look that fits you most. We are making adjustments and enhancing players to ensure they can fight giant bosses. The players with this mod will be able to take advantage of the game’s unlimited money feature. This will enable players to unlock new players, tools and weapons that are dangerous.

Download ( 1.3mb)

You are now ready to download Awaken: Chaos Era v1.3.90 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Weak Enemy) for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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